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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: How to use GPS-SNO 2.0 web service?

A: Please visit the latest version of GPS-SNO 1.0 at http://sno.biocuckoo.org/down.php. An JAVA applet will be shown within ten seconds. So, please wait a little while for using the program. For Windows and Unix/Linux users, please use the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V" to copy and paste your FASTA format sequences into TEXT form for prediction. And for Mac users, please use the keyboard shortcuts "Command+C & Command+V". Then please click on the "Submit" button to run the program. The prediction results will be shown in the Prediction form. Again, please use the "Crtl+A & Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V" or "Command+A & Command+C & Command+V" to select, copy and paste the results into a new file, e.g., an Excel file, for further manipulation.


2. Q: I can't view the program properly, what should I do?

A: We have tested GPS-SNO 1.0 on several internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape Browser 8.1.3 and Firefox 2 under Windows XP Operating System (OS), Mozilla Firefox 1.5 of Fedora Core 6 OS (Linux), and Safari 3.0 of Apple Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard). For Windows and Linux systems, a latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) package (JAVA 1.4.2 or later versions) of Sun Microsystems should be pre-installed for using the GPS-SNO 1.0 program. Please download and install the proper JRE package on your computer from http://java.com page or our website. However, for Mac OS, the GPS-SNO 1.0 could be used directly without any additional packages. Finally, if you can still not view the program properly, please send use an email and tell me the OS information on your computer. We will resolve the problem ASAP.


3. Q: I have 20,000 proteins for prediction, what should I do?

A: For a large-scale prediction, we recommend two approaches for you. You can input the sequences for 20 times, with 1,000 proteins per time. Also, please download a stand-alone software of GPS-SNO 1.0 linked as below. In the stand-alone versions, the limitation of sequences number is removed. You can use "Batch Predictor" in the local software for a large-scale prediction.